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Posted: Fri Apr 16, 2010 10:09 pm   gpxplus.net

I was looking through the list of links for gpxplus.net and saw that the entries we have in the database are somewhat inaccurate and aren't helping the people who use that site much at all.

I've included below the entries from the database where applicable, example urls from the site, and an explanation of how that kind of link works and how SWLE should handle it.

My links are included as examples, but I don't expect anyone to go to them.

9867 www\.gpxplus\.net(.*) Global PokédeX www.gpxplus.net%s 1 0 Yes no no 30 20 0 No 1440 Yes A site where the goal is to hatch all your Pokémon species, click on yes button to feed/warm egg or species.

11995 my\.gpxpl\.us(.*) my.gpxpl.us my.gpxpl.us%s 1 0 Yes no yes 30 20 0 No 1440 Dunno


This a profile page and does nothing for the gpxer unless you click on a pokemon or egg, THEN click on a berry or "Yes, warm it up". Entry 11995 should have the same frame as 9867.


This is a pokemon/egg page. Clickers need to click on a berry or "Yes, warm it up". Just viewing the page does not help gpxers.

This should have the frame from the first entry on it.


12606 i\.gpxpl\.us(.*) i.gpxpl.us i.gpxpl.us%s 1 0 Yes no yes 30 20 0 No 1440 Dunno

These are images. These give credit for views, no action needed.

Good how it is.


12036 img\.gpxplus\.net(.*) img.gpxplus.net img.gpxplus.net%s 1 0 Yes no yes 30 20 0 No 1440 Dunno

This is an old format that is no longer used on gpxplus and should be removed/disabled/whatever.

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