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Newbie FAQs
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Posted: Tue Jan 17, 2012 3:14 am   Newbie FAQs

Welcome to the Pick of the bunch dynasty here at Yarold's Link Exchange. If you are new to Yarold's then you may have questions about the site in general. Hopefully the following will help you.

Yarold's Link Exchange

What is Yarold's Link Exchange?
This site allows you to link to sites that you may need others to click on to gain levels, population, experience, etc. In return for others clicking your links, you will need to click other people's links.

How do the credits work?
The links each have a point value associated with them. In most cases, and for this example, this value is 1 credit. You receive one credit for every link that you click that counts while you lose 1 credit each time someone clicks your link. Once you reach 0 credits your links will no longer be seen by others.

You gain and lose fewer credits when you click/get clicked in the dynasty compared to the main site. This means that to get the most clicks to your own link if you are a member of a dynasty you should have your link showing only in the dynasty (Go to profile -> links and check the box for Dynasty and remove it from Main). Once you build up a large number of credits you can show it on Main temporarily to increase your hits to your site, but return it to dynasty only before you go negative.

How do I add my links?
From the main link exchange area, click on Profile located on the left side panel under User Info. Next click on the Links tab on the top. You can have up to 9 links in all, but if you are not careful you will run out of credits quickly using more links.

What do the different things means that I see in people's links area on the Dynasty Exchange?
<-1> This means that the person has negative one credits. This number can also be more than one.
<none> This means that the person does not have any links listed in the Links tab.
<hidden> This means that the person currently has their links hidden, but they do have links listed on their Links tab.
<limit> You will only see this on the Dynasty Exchange or in the History. Only 100 links are able to be displayed on a single page at once. Once 100 links are reached, the rest of the available links will just say <limit>
<inactive> This user hasn't logged on for more than 10 days.
<suspended> This user hasn't logged on for more than 20 days.

What is HAT and CARE?
HAT stands for Human Awareness Test. Every once in a while when you click a link it will end up coming up as a HAT link. At this point you should type something in the box and submit it. The HAT is basically a test to make sure you are following through with each of the links you visit since some to require an action while others do not. Once you get 10 HAT links, a CARE rating will be displayed on your profile. If your CARE rating is below 25%, then any link that requires an action will no longer display for you. You can read more in-depth about it in the Human Awarness Test - Tutorial thread.

How can I increase my CARE rating?
In order to increase your CARE rating, you will have to be sure to do any of the HATs that come up. These links come up completely randomly. You may get several in a single day or you can go several days without one at all.

I've clicked all the links I could find, how do I get more links to click on?
Once you have clicked on all of the links on the Dynasty Exchange, Link Exchange, and History, you just need to wait a little bit and check them again.

When do the links reset?
When using the advanced features with your links, you can set the time in which your links reset. If you do not use the advance feature the links will reset at 7am server time.

What is the server time?
The server time is GMT +2 hours. You can see this time at the bottom of any of the Yarold's Link Exchange

I keep running out of credits. Is there anything I can do?
To help build up your credits, show your link to dynasty members only. This will allow you to build up extra credits so you can take part in the Happy Times.

What are the blue and gold stars I see by some people's names?
Gold Star = Admin
Blue Star = VIP
Purple Star = Game Admin/mod

What does the Advanced Mode do?
With Advanced Mode, you can set the expiration of your links individually to 24hr or daily, set a limit of clicks before the link is automatically hidden, etc.

How can I become a VIP member?
There are several ways to become a VIP member. If you buy credits then you will automatically become a VIP, but remember this: You get 1 day VIP for every 80 credits you buy. You can also become a VIP after exchanging(clicking and recieving) more than 261799 clicks.

What are the Short Notes?
The short notes is what will be displayed in your Notes area on the Dynasty Exchange.

Why can't I use html in my Short Notes?
In order to use html in your short notes you must be a VIP member.

What does the Open all mean on the Link Exchange?
When you press this button, it will automatically open all of the links that do not require any actions.

The Open all link only opens one window for me. Why?
If you are an Internet Explorer user, there is a problem with the automatic blocking of pop-ups. You need to allow popups from the site in order for it to work properly. To do this, first click on Tools, then go to your Pop-up Blocker settings, and finally add swle.yarold.eu to the accepted list. You may also need to change your new window settings by clicking on Tools, then going to Internet Options, and then under the Tabs section select Always open popups in a new tab. This should fix any problems that IE users have.

Helpful Tools

Mozilla Firefox
Firefox gives you more options over Internet Explorer because of the ease of use and the great add-ons available. If you do not have Firefox, you can download it for free by going here

AdBlock Plus
AdBlock Plus is an add-on for Firefox that can be found here. This will allow you to bock the ads that are on many of the sites you click each day and will in turn allow the pages to load faster so that you can get your clicks done in less overall time each day. After you install AdBlock Plus and restart Firefox, you will have the option to subscribe to certain adblocking filters that you choose.

Snap Links
Snap Links is a wonderful FireFox add-on that will allow you to open up many links with a single click of your mouse. You can find this here.

Flashblock is another great Firefox add-on to help you get through your clicks a bit faster. This add-on blocks all of the flash content on a page. You can find this here.

Tab Kit
Tab Kit is another great Firefox add-on to help you get through your clicks a bit faster. Used for sorting tabs after opening a large number with snap links. This helps you (a) find HATs easier, and (b) click action buttons on similar types of links at the same time to make it more efficient.. You can find this here.

If you're only new to Pick of the bunch
No pressure, only pleasure!
Feel free to ask emperor, kampaku or shoguns for help if needed.

Enjoy your stay :)

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Posted: Tue Jan 17, 2012 6:00 am   

you copied a text, but lots of things are changed, most important thing changed is,

Buying credits will get you 1 VIP day for every 80 credits you buy. Exchanging (clicking and receiving) more than 261799 clicks will also get you VIP status.

we have not only yellow star and blue star we have also purple star now :)
Love me just the way I am
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