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Closed by: DemonicJ
Sat Jul 31, 2010 3:36 am
Someone from Australia unlawfully used my account
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Joined: 31 Jul 2010
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Posted: Sat Jul 31, 2010 1:46 am   Someone from Australia unlawfully used my account

I was only going to mail this to the admins, but my email has been blocked an hour ago, and now it is working again...but I can no longer delete this post. Kindly check the link:


My IP adress is and not The IP is a proxy, claiming the user as located in the US, but s/he is actually located in Australia.

I have been leaving comments on the Yer Hotel sites, and my flag has always been the Philippines in the past, but these last few days, the site has been identifying my location as Australia. Another person has been logging into my account simultaneously as I do, unknown by me, and definitely unauthorized. I will report the incident to external internet anti-fraud phishing authorities for proper deliberation, if yarold will not act in my behalf, and if anyone will delete this post.

I have tried mailing to no avail, so I have posted this for everyone to notice.

I play fair, I work hard.

When I logged on July 29, my account was only banned for 2 days, after mailing the admin, they changed the ban to 2 months.

According to Jay I broke #1 and #6. I'm a very principled person and I do not like cheating at all.

I only have 1 connection, PLDT myDSL IP may change but has been static the past week...1 PC...my office is also at my house. Except the time I was in the UK. And that was also 1 PC, 1 IP. I only have one account, and this is it.

Automating? I never cheat on anything. I am a very good online player...in any of the sites I work on...and I work clean and decently. My fingers are all swollen and blistered. My sleep, all broken...I have worked so hard, I deserve the prize for 2nd in minavg next to Jeanne...

I talked to Jassej (Senad). He said his mod friend informed him have an autosurfer. My care is almost perfect except the first eleven when I did not know about it. You should know the difference. I have a headache from loss of sleep and a painful muscle between my thumb and pointer finger, the latter is also swollen. I'm sure you experienced the same when you were new, if you have been clicking mad like me.

I visit the hotels and leave comments. I wonder why they are registering me as living in Australia when I am in the Philippines. They used to have the correct flag, I have left a comment before on alba's hotel, and the flag is my correct location.

Please take note that I balance my received with my done everytime, so I keep on adding and removing links on my profile...which a program is not capable of doing on it's own.

I receive a ton of hits, and yet barely no referrals from Yarold. I use auto exchange surfer sites to generate me referrals. Are your admins referring to those autosurfers? Autosurf365, smileytraffic, and hitlink are what I use. They are sites, not clicking bots. Only computer illiterates will confuse the two.

Those are not auto clickers, you run them so you see other people's sites, and they see yours, and probably, they will sign-up. They are to generate referrals, not to click on yarold. They are legal on Mara, you can ask Mara management, indygo, as I do her referrals sometimes.

I do deserve a prize for most number of recruited working individuals the past month.

I exponentially have the 2nd highest minavg over all as I do not work the first 10 days of the month, but I work like hell the last 20 days. So my minavg pulls away by 70-100/day for the last 20 days, My minavg for the last 17 days covering the contest is technically 1,404...and it would have increased more...

[ Added: Sat Jul 31, 2010 9:47 am ]
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Posted: Sat Jul 31, 2010 3:36 am   

The only way you would see the other IP you refer to at your end is if you were going through that proxy yourself. No one has gained unauthorised access to your account here at yarolds.
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