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Banned accounts - Thoughts

Biker - Fri Jun 12, 2015 10:43 am
Post subject: Thoughts
I think this is the right place for my thoughts

From the first day i was a member at Yarolds, Roman say to me "Click as much as you can"
But he did not say "You may not click more than the other one".
In the past i try to boost with Yarolds my MiniCity but very quickly i know there is a better way to grow up the MMC.
And there i stay at Yarolds only for the IMMCA to support them.

A lot of friends an members are interested in one question:
Why is he (and now they) b...?

After some mail i got an answer. I do not accept the accusation
But why per mail and not at the official way.
Instead each thread is closed without reason.

For me it is ok to make the accusation public.

DemonicJ - Fri Jun 12, 2015 1:39 pm

I believe the topic of being banned belongs in this sub forum. As per the rule of this sub forum, you can post once in here in relation to your ban. Not spam here or any other part of the forums.

If you are happy to divulge why you are banned, then feel free to tell anyone & everyone. Your mails still work, as do the chats at other sites you use etc.

As to what is an official way to tell you why your banned. Read the same thread.

For reference Ill quote it here

Metalteo wrote:
If you want to post about banned accounts post it in here.

Do not post it anywhere else. It will be deleted. <------- I only moved it this time
Do not send messages to the admins about it either. <--------- Do I really need messages from multiple people about it??

If you made a post about your account being banned, don't expect anything, most of you did break the rules that got you banned.

Only reason this thread exists, is so the whole boards don't get flooded with topics from users who get banned.

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