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Dynasty Discussion - recruiting complaints

Gale - Mon Feb 23, 2015 3:40 pm
Post subject: recruiting complaints
NyxNoire wrote:
*sighs* Is there any way I can avoid getting those annoying dynasty invite PMs?

I do not want to be a dynasty member, and I consider those PMs harassment. I can't possibly convey my annoyance at those PMs without the use of a string of filthy swearwords. D<

Myrin wrote:
Yeah, I only visit Yarolds 3-4 times a year, and last time got an invite from someone who said they saw I was a great clicker and I should join their dynasty. Maybe it was the same person you got; they kept asking me why and trying to tell me how I could use the site more and be more active... When they started suggesting I pay to have premium I was done with polite dissuasions.


Two magistream mods both complained recently about how our recruiting for dynasties here is getting to be borderline harassment. This has also been an issue brought up in the past. I assume there are probably suggestions out there already to fix this issue but there really should be an option to disable PM's, or a setting on your account you can mark to show you do not wish to be in a dynasty.

Asides from that we should also try and establish more clear harassment rules as to help curb this problem, hopefully stopping this at the dynasty recruiters themselves.

DemonicJ - Mon Feb 23, 2015 10:29 pm

I hear this too often from others at other game sites or chat rooms.

Simple answer is, mail them once! Stop chasing them to the ends of the internet!! Or chasing them for years!!! Some people here are focusing on a certain 'type' of member. Usually one that has a decent minavg or someone from a game site that has a status (admin, mod or well known member). In case you cant work it out, they are the same people complaining. As they have a status in a game, it only makes it even harder for people to recruit for their dynasties because all new members ever hear is how badly you get harassed to join or makes it harder to get them to join the site in the first place!

Then there are those members that argue with others they try to recruit. Like really, is NO not enough of an answer??

There are enough new members joining the site to recruit from, stop being so lazy & train them up to be the type of clicker you want. Stop harassing others!

Mail bans &/or full bans will be handed out if this continues.

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