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MMC UBC - Christmas Contest

dirk2103 - Sat Dec 01, 2012 9:54 am
Post subject: Christmas Contest
New Contest "Christmas Contest"

Little Info: Prize 10200 Credits "we need sponsors"

To have a very good place here in this Contest it is very important to balance clicks done & received
(and of course to click & show as much as possible :D )

When does it start:

It starts 26th December and ends on the 30th December

How does it work:

The best way is to click and receive as much as you can :D

on the 26th December, after the reset, the best 64 clickers with the highest MinAvg will go to the first round.

26-27th December ... the best 32 Clickers are in this Round. The Best 16 of these 32 will go to the next round

27-28th December ... the best 16 Clickers are in this Round. The Best 8 of these 16 will go to the next round

28-29th December ... the best 8 Clickers are in this Round. The best 4 of these 8 will go to the next round

29-30th December ... the best 4 Clickers are in this Round.

Between the 26 and the 30th December the MINYDAY is important

The Prizes:

Depends on how many Sponsors

1. Place --> 3000 Credits
2. Place --> 2500 Credits
3. Place --> 2000 Credits
4. Place --> 1500 Credits
5 - 16 Place -->100 Credits

dirk2103 - 10200

We need Sponsors

Others sponsors are always welcome :D

If there are any question ... feel free to ask and i'll try to respond them as fast as possible

[ Added: Thu Dec 27, 2012 9:36 pm ]

dirk2103 - Thu Dec 27, 2012 9:37 pm

here always the current stands

Christmas Contest

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