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Announcements - Yarolds vs bad people

Yarold - Mon Nov 21, 2011 11:44 pm
Post subject: Yarolds vs bad people
Recenly our exchange got blocked by PetAdoptables and (some time later) EggCave.
Our tactic for sites that block us is to block them back.
However we found that removing links for 184 users (81 PA, 103 EC) wont be received with happines. Days passed and we didnt received any message when this un benefitical condition will stop.

So to make our users happy again we just put PA and EC links back.

On a side note here i'd like to bring up some statistics:
81 users
28 users that come from PA (or first inserted PA link)
53 users that went to check PA

103 users
21 users that come from EG (or first inserted EG link)
82 users that went to check EG

Also a Hint for admins that are worried about google adsense tos bible:
retired SamuraiWar Admin wrote:
you dont have to put ads on every page.

Happy Clicking

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