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Bruno73 - Tue Sep 21, 2010 8:15 pm
Post subject: Multi-IP mode
Here is a suggestion.

Imagine you can change your IP during the day. Then you could virtually click all the same links again (clicks for games will count).

Why not allowing this in Yarold?

I mean, if you could click say twice some of the same links - using 2 different IPs - then you would gain more credits, then you could show more links in return, and so on, so that all the community will get a benefit from it.

What about scoring?

Same as now.

What about rankings and contests?

If there is a Multi-IP mode AND a Single-IP mode in the Profile Options, then one could simply double the contests: some for the Multi users/dynasties, some for the Single users/dynasties.

No there would not be 2 Yarold instead of one. Between them all users would still be able to click each other's links, or to ally with each other.

What will happen?

For Single-IP users, Yarold will not change, except there will be more links to click from the Multi-IP users (who may click you back more too, etc.).

For Multi-IP users, more IPs, more fun! AND MORE CLICKS = good for Yarold activity

Twice more contests = twice more chances to win = more interest in playing Yarold

Could be organized a poll to know how many members can use more than 1 IP during the same day? (and are interested in being able to click the same links more than once)

Thanks for reading until the end ;)

DemonicJ - Tue Sep 21, 2010 10:06 pm

I think you are mistaking this site with olther sites that allow multi IP, multi account type of things

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