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MMC UBC - Negative credits

jassej - Thu Nov 20, 2008 2:18 pm
Post subject: Negative credits
Here are a few tips how to avoid negative credits:

1. Go to your Profile -> Links and check/mark the Dynasty box only.

2. Try to have only one link. If you can afford it (when you have many credits) you can add a 2nd or 3rd link.

3. Try to solve the daily quiz. You can find the answers normally easily if you use Google. If your answer is correct you get 5 extra credits.

4. Try to click more efficiently (Firefox, Snap Links, Flashblock - There are plenty of posts in the Yarolds-Forum dealing with this subjects and it is well worth your time to read them!)

5. Click all links that you can. First in Dynasty page, then in History page, and then in Main page. The more links you click, the more credits you earn.

6. Be aware that you can not hide your link totally unless you have a blue star (Vip - Status) beside your name. Your Link can still be clicked in the History, even if you hide it from Main and Dynasty. Only Vip memebrs can hide them in the History too. You get the Vip - Status by clicking 60.000 Links or if you buy some credits.

7. Play MMC UBC Lotto

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