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Ferrari - Wed Aug 09, 2023 7:29 am
Post subject: Magistream
Magistream updates continue still! As a reminder: your log in credentials don't currently work, because the site is in such a mode that only Rosehill can access it while she's working on bringing all the Magistream features up to speed with the new discussion board tech!

The new version of the board will also provide us with some new handy features like being able to mention another user in posts, getting in-board notifications when your post is replied, you are mentioned or when your creature hatches or grows, etc.

Once we reopen the site we'll have a comprehensive guide on the site to what is new and what has changed. We estimate that the updates will take still at least this week and the next, with the site re-opening hopefully sometime around August 20th.

We'll know more by the beginning of next week so we'll keep you posted! #magimaintenance
Here's the site as it's at this moment, waiting for all of you once we're back up! <3

[ Added: Wed Aug 16, 2023 8:09 pm ]
Updates are progressing in strides! Many parts of the site are back to full functionality. At this pace we're hopeful that the site can be reopened after this week, or a few days into next week.

[ Added: Tue Aug 22, 2023 1:05 pm ]
Status on updates!

Things that still need to be redone:
-World map (locations, quests, etc. are already working, mobile view is working. The map is bonkers.)
-Eggs staying inside the stream (ATM they slowly drift off from the left side of the stream and never reappear.)
-Donating (currently donations do go through but won't give shards, so we'll still have to fix that.)
-Trades (these need a somewhat bigger overhaul)
-Clicks registering properly (ATM creatures grow and give gold, but clickers aren't recorded and re-click time is wonky.)
This means we need more time before being able to open the site. The trades, donating and clicks are the top priority at this moment, and those need to work before we can reopen the site. We're asking for a little more patience, we're almost there!
Thank you for sticking with us! <3

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